10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Cats

Cats are pamperedCat Gift and adorable than any other pet. They deserve gifts on various occasions to become happy. Why not choose an awesome present to show warmth and love, while making relation stronger. Gift ideas for cats are quite tricky and can be more complicated than they apparently seem.
I have come across various websites and stores offering superb gifts for cats. These are unique, beautiful and really cute for an adorable pet like a cat. These are suitable for all occasions.
1. Heated bed
Nothing can be cozier than a warm bed in chilly weather. These are available as indoor and outdoor heated bed. Price is only $31.49.
2. Keyboard
It may sound weird, but some cats love playing music. I will surely think of gifting a keyboard that my cat can play to amuse me. It costs $11.99.
3. Stroller
If a cat has to travel a lot with me, a stroller is a perfect choice. It’s great for moving to and from. Far off places can be reached easily. Besides, my cat would love to ride on a smooth and comfortable seat.
4. Little ice cream truck
Just to make the cat happy, get a nice vibrant ice cream truck. The cat will drive it and enjoys. Its price is $29.
5. Fleece hammock
I think it’s the most innovative gift to a lazy cat. It can be used at the time of the nap or for some rest any time. Keep it in the lawn to give some fresh air to the pet. Hammock with wood stand can be bought for $98.
6. Food dish
The cat loves food and its good to present it in a customized uniquely shaped dish. It comes in different colors and sizes. Choose lime green, pink, yellow, blue, red or orange. Price is $35.48.
7. Cat dreams DVD
It’s a one and a half hour video of cat dreams. The mouse is running inside a house and birds are chirping happily. Buy it for $13.50.
8. Tree-shaped bed
There is a scratching post that wraps around the trunk of the tree. Its height is 28 inches. It costs about $199. It’s a perfect bed for a nice sleep.
9. Fortune cookies
This is not a food item as the name suggests. In reality, the cookies are made of fleece. This is just a toy for cats to play with. Buy for $25 and keep the pet busy all day.
10. Catnip joints
Toss the joints on the ground. It is a mind trigger for the cat. It’s an inexpensive item that costs only $10 for a pack of three catnip joints.
These gifts are meant only for cats and can be of great value for both the owner and the pet. They are adorable and friendly; let them surprise with unique gifts. These are attractive and functional. Besides, their unique features make them more charming. Obviously some cat’s gifts aren’t exactly on the cheap side so its nice to get some more information on these products. I found reviews of some at PerfectforPets which helped me decide what product to buy. For additional ideas, search online, there are more options with a huge variety.