Are Cats an Effective Bird Deterrent?

Most birds are very welcome in our gardens and workplaces. There are few things nicer than looking out of the window to see robins, blackbirds, tits and other colourful delights hopping around outdoors. On the other hand, some birds are a lot less welcome. If you own a cat, or there’s a cat at your business premises, is it enough of a deterrent to keep pest birds at bay?


Plenty of people rate feral pigeons as pests, for example, even though it was us humans who domesticated them in the first place and it’s mostly our fault they’ve been so hugely successful. Sadly these bright, interesting and intelligent birds are sometimes present in such large numbers, thanks to our efforts, that they can ultimately create mess, damage and even disease.

The same goes for seagulls. The biggest culprit seems to be the humble herring gull, a magnificent creature, big and beautiful as well as surprisingly clever. Feed a seagull on your windowledge once and it will literally never forget, coming back every day for years to see if you’ll do it again. If you’ve ever been attacked while eating alfresco, you’ll already know what a nuisance herring gulls can be at the seaside. Again it’s our own fault, but the birds suffer for it. For some great advice and products that can help if you have a bird problem pay a visit to

Other gulls are less badly thought of, for example the small, neat black headed gull, a regular visitor that flocks to our coastal towns and cities.

Why birds can be a problem

Many birds – including feral pigeons – have very acidic urine, which can corrode everything from fabric to metal and plastic over time. Debris like moulted feathers and old nesting materials can block gutters, drains and ventilation. Sometimes birds get inside cavity walls and roof spaces, making a terrible mess, causing damage, dying in there and resulting in dreadful stinks as well as dirt and disease. Plenty of birds carry bacteria and parasites that can lead to really nasty human illnesses like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.

Do cats make good bird deterrents?

As a result of herring gull and feral pigeons being such a success, there are a whole load of products designed to repel them. But will your cat to a good enough job on his or her own, leaving you free from having to buy potentially expensive bird free gel, bird deterrent gadgets and bird deterrent spikes?

As it turns out, seagulls can and do attack cats. Pigeons steer well clear of cats and are afraid of them, a jolly wise move when a single moggy can easily drag an entire feral pigeon through a cat flap in one fell swoop and break its neck with one judiciously-placed bite.

The thing is, you’d need a gang of cats to keep a flock of gulls or pigeons out of the way. Cats are not there 24/7, they have to eat and sleep. Unless you have a load of felines handy 24/7/365, they’re not going to keep nuisance birds at bay.

There’s more – the last thing you want to do is make it clear to your cat that it’s OK to attack birds. Your cat cannot, after all, tell the difference between a pigeon, a seagull and something like a wren, sparrow or robin, birds that don’t harm humans or the things humans build and make, and don’t carry nasty diseases in the same way.

The only real way to repel gulls, pigeons and other bird pests effectively is to use one of these…

Bird free gel

Bird Free gel keeps all birds away without hurting them in any way, a really good solution.It alters bird behaviour so well that they will completely desert a habitat, even one they have used for decades, when they spot Bird Free. It’s a special gel that deters birds from landing. It’s really quick and easy to install, is perfect for outdoors, doesn’t damage to buildings or other structures and can be applied vertically, or even upside down. It has been  ahuge success at airports, sports stadiums, schools, railway stations, hospitals, factories and anywhere else birds are a nuisance or a hazard to human health.

Bird deterrent spikes, wires, chimney protectors and netting

Bird deterrent spikes, wires, chimney protectors and netting work really simply by preventing birds from landing, never mind nesting. They are widely used to repel gulls and piogeones from nesting in places they are not wanted, making surfaces either uncomfortable, uninviting or even intimidating to birds that like to roost on property.

Faux birds of prey

There’s nothing quite like a really good plastic repro of a bird of prey to keep pigeons away. A good quality plastic bird of prey, for example, keeps pigeons away and it usually takes a good long while for them to realise it isn’t real.


10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Cats

Cats are pamperedCat Gift and adorable than any other pet. They deserve gifts on various occasions to become happy. Why not choose an awesome present to show warmth and love, while making relation stronger. Gift ideas for cats are quite tricky and can be more complicated than they apparently seem.
I have come across various websites and stores offering superb gifts for cats. These are unique, beautiful and really cute for an adorable pet like a cat. These are suitable for all occasions.
1. Heated bed
Nothing can be cozier than a warm bed in chilly weather. These are available as indoor and outdoor heated bed. Price is only $31.49.
2. Keyboard
It may sound weird, but some cats love playing music. I will surely think of gifting a keyboard that my cat can play to amuse me. It costs $11.99.
3. Stroller
If a cat has to travel a lot with me, a stroller is a perfect choice. It’s great for moving to and from. Far off places can be reached easily. Besides, my cat would love to ride on a smooth and comfortable seat.
4. Little ice cream truck
Just to make the cat happy, get a nice vibrant ice cream truck. The cat will drive it and enjoys. Its price is $29.
5. Fleece hammock
I think it’s the most innovative gift to a lazy cat. It can be used at the time of the nap or for some rest any time. Keep it in the lawn to give some fresh air to the pet. Hammock with wood stand can be bought for $98.
6. Food dish
The cat loves food and its good to present it in a customized uniquely shaped dish. It comes in different colors and sizes. Choose lime green, pink, yellow, blue, red or orange. Price is $35.48.
7. Cat dreams DVD
It’s a one and a half hour video of cat dreams. The mouse is running inside a house and birds are chirping happily. Buy it for $13.50.
8. Tree-shaped bed
There is a scratching post that wraps around the trunk of the tree. Its height is 28 inches. It costs about $199. It’s a perfect bed for a nice sleep.
9. Fortune cookies
This is not a food item as the name suggests. In reality, the cookies are made of fleece. This is just a toy for cats to play with. Buy for $25 and keep the pet busy all day.
10. Catnip joints
Toss the joints on the ground. It is a mind trigger for the cat. It’s an inexpensive item that costs only $10 for a pack of three catnip joints.
These gifts are meant only for cats and can be of great value for both the owner and the pet. They are adorable and friendly; let them surprise with unique gifts. These are attractive and functional. Besides, their unique features make them more charming. Obviously some cat’s gifts aren’t exactly on the cheap side so its nice to get some more information on these products. I found reviews of some at PerfectforPets which helped me decide what product to buy. For additional ideas, search online, there are more options with a huge variety.

5 Unanswered Cat Questions – Now Answered!

Cats questionStories of cats abound and a lot of people may find it hard to comprehend why a creature might get itself stuck up a tree. We’ve put together a set of five common queries regarding behaviors that were feline and you may surprise.

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees?

We must comprehend a cat’s intricate human body to answer this question. When a tree climbs they climb up looking ahead and grasp it. As cats have claws that point the identical way of being rotated counterclockwise, using the added complexity that makes it hard to get a cat to scale down comfortably whilst looking down.

To put it simply, there is a cat made to scale climbing down from a tree is harder for our feline friends and forwards.

Why Does My Cat Rub Up Against Me?

Although you may be surely well loved by your cat, this activity is mostly no act of fondness. The scent glands mean this activity was made by depositing your cat’s territory’s scent for you to indicate it. The cat could make use of the cats marking of you to mark you in a scenario which makes they feel quite warm and additionally carries its aroma using its tail and paws.

Why Does My Cat Fight To consume Big Balls Of Food?

Their jaw move sidewise. A cat is prohibited by this anatomical characteristic from eating big balls and this can be an excellent motive or mash up their wet food completely to empower digestion.

Do Cats Meow At Other Cats?

Usually the response to the question is no, meowing is allowed for us people. A cat might not normally meow at another feline but it surely will normally purr, hiss or spit at their counterpart that is furry. A cat’s purr is tossed in exactly the same frequency.

Just how can My Cat Crawl Through Such Tight Spaces?

The response to the question is a just anatomical one. Cats don’t possess that empowers it to fit through any opening that corresponds with all the measurement of the cat’s head and a collarbone. Add this to the reality that cats are interesting and it is not difficult to see they can, and do, crawl through tight spaces.

5 Things About Black Cats

Black CatsYou picture pictures of black cats, bats, pumpkins and additionally, witches when you think about Halloween. Yet, have you been truly comfortable with witches? Analyze your knowledge on these types of unique kind of felines with these 15 interesting facts about witches.

1. To early Egyptians, cats are blessed holy and helpful. Bastet, the goddess with a head is symbolized by them.

2. Throughout the Middle Ages, individuals from Europe related witchcraft and black cats. Single, aged women who took care of stray felines that were small were mistaken for witches, while the cats were their accomplices.

3. A black feline is known as good luck in certain areas of England and Ireland.

4. In English Midlands it’s known as good luck to offer a bride a cat.

5. Once your Scotland house is arrived at by an unfamiliar black feline, as a result, you could hit the jackpot – this signifies success.

6. In Germany, when a cat crosses your path it’s an indication that is good but this means bad luck if it the other way around.

7. It may be complicated if you are a pirate. This means bad luck, if you are approached by a black cat. You’re blessed, in case it walks away. When the small feline walks to the boat leave and subsequently changes the’ mind, you get off the boat since this means that it will sink.

8. To fishermen’s wives as well as they, black cats mean good luck. Because of this, fishermen let them stay in boats or their houses. A lot of people cannot actually afford to purchase such felines as they’re not exceedingly cheap.

9. These creatures are seen by the Japanese, particularly single women, . To single, possessing one lets future suitors are attracted by them.

10. All cats symbolize good luck.

11. Black cats have greater than one strain. In accordance with the directory of the Cat Fanciers Association, there are 19 distinct strains of small felines with “black” as a colour choice.

12. Most black cats seem stunning using their gold eyes, which can be an effect of melanin pigment that is high.

13. Black cats are female or male, but a lot of these are lads.

14. August 17 is Black Cat Recognition Day.

15. Black felines can mix at any decor as well as their pelt and your furniture can combine.

Additional Information

When a black cat passes under a ladder, tend not to follow it because that is deficiency that is awful.

Just in case you anticipate taking care of this kind of feline, recall that most savings put their adoption off . Some even help one to bring your small pet in the home as the Halloween holidays approach. It’s in fact safer to stay indoors during these days since the could be frightened by foot traffic, costumes and all of the sounds.

Adopting a Kitty

Adopting a KittyKittens are adorable. Obviously they’re. There is no denying it. But if you’re considering expanding your family having a cat, it may be worth it to think about adopting a feline that is somewhat older. There are a great many out there, longing to get a house that is good, plus they offer a lot of pleasure and love.

There are some items to consider to assist you in making the right selection for you personally as well as your loved ones if you’re considering adopting a cat.

Kittens take lots of time plus energy up. They need their shots need to be litter tray might revel in climbing your couch as well as drapes, want a lot of consideration and will take a little time to understand the rules of your home.

In the event that you don’t have a decent amount of patience, as well as this time, it may be wise to choose an older cat. An indoor cat’s life expectancy is older or estimated at between twelve and eighteen years, with a few cats reaching the age. An outside cat’s life expectancy is estimated at shorter, since they are usually exposed to more hazards. It may safely be presumed that you would share together.

And older cat is going to be somewhat more composed. They often just have to be pointed at where the food and water bowls are and where the litter tray is in their new land. Some time could be expected, needless to say. Some cats will hide for several days, whilst some go investigate promptly. They are sometimes left alone more easily than the usual kitten can, which will suit people who have careers.

If family or friends offers you a cat, you understand where and how they are increased, any difficulties, behaviour towards kids, other pets and cats. Such knowledge is essential, the relevance of every little advice according to your individual conditions.

There are a number of other places where a cat can be adopted by one. Most will have got a history of the feline you have use of the advice recorded above.

Many shelters may have given a health check and any needed medicine and shots to incoming cats. Most will neuter/spay cats too, if this is not done. Some will even “processor” cats ( a miniature apparatus set by means of a veterinarian only beneath skin involving the shoulders, which can be encoded using a distinctive, long-term identification number.)

It’s possible for you to get when you adopt a feline shelters to demand fee or a contribution. It is to cover the prices for shelter, food and medical care. Many shelters so are reliant on these contributions, and don’t receive any capital /fees to maintain the place running.

When you’ve selected where you would like to check for the furry pal that is perfect, it’s wise to choose members of your family – they must share their lives using the cat, also! With kids, this may create the issue of attempting to take each and every feline in the shelter back home, for the one particular cat you all join with, but this can immediately be overcome in the hunt.

Take your time and effort, have a great look about. For those who have kids, and you also visit a self-conscious feline steadfastly concealed in the rear of the time’s cage, staring at you having a somewhat cautious look and refusing to surface, this might not function as cat to your loved ones.

Look for a cat and seems happy to be around your loved ones as well as you. It is not unlikely you will possess a happy future. Ask the folks in the shelter for just about any background information on any medical advice, the cat and other things that is not irrelevant. The people will be pleased to assist you.

For those who can provide lots of patience as well as a silent environment, and have some time available, that cautious cat one mentioned might be worthwhile looking into. In the event you have the ability to earn its trust, you might possess a faithful and caring friend for years in the future and can visit a huge change.

Don’t be offended if your shelter asks you questions or wants to come on a house-test to find out how your new friend has settled in. That is standard procedure for a lot of shelters, and is performed to assure your feline and you are not unhappy together.

Cats will truly enrich people’s lives and make excellent friends. One wish you the very best of fortune in finding your new feline company!

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

How to Keep Your Cat HealthyHome treatments as well as tonic foods for cats really are an ideal blend. Foods that are tonic are power foods that can dispel any physical as well as mental lethargy. They are going to help your cat be sure that it remains in optimum state otherwise and to recuperate from sickness. Some tonic foods may be fed frequently while others should just be given when you is not well or as a treat.

Strong cat tonic foods contain honey; apple cider vinegar; herbs including parsley, stinging nettles, catnip, valerian, dandelion, wild garlic, clover, watercress and feverfew; spices like garlic, turmeric and ginger; couchgrass, kelp, dried fruits, yoghurts, yeast, oils, brownish wholegrain rice and lentils. This short article describes use and the best way to get ready a few of these.


Honey is just bad for people, it is also superb for cats. Honey restores and treats. It includes vitamin and every mineral to keep life in just the correct number on your cat’s own body. It rekindles vitality and provides energy, as it’s antiseptic, yet additionally it is an all-natural sedative, purifies and shields the gut.

When your cat is not well honey is an excellent tonic food to feed regularly. It’s possible for you to give your cat a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar as well as little balls of honey either simple or combined with minced herbs. To make them sticky, roll them. At other times it is possible to feed one ball on a regular basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Potassium that’s essential for the proper operation of important organs within an acid base is provided by Apple cider vinegar. In this type your cat’s own body assimilates best potassium.

Apple cider vinegar gets rid of arthritis and rheumatism when taken with honey. It prevents heart issues and destroys harmful bacteria and removes dangerous acids in the kidneys, soothes the gut, sterilises and relaxes the nerves.

One teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar may be fed daily scattered over food. Don’t place in drinking water or milk. Including several globules of honey causes it to be better yet.


Parsley, mixed into meat and very finely chopped, could be included into your cat’s daily food. Stinging nettle may be added to meat stew. Simmer some nettle tops for 5 minutes. Dandelion, watercress, wild garlic, clover and fever few (all finely minced) needs to be fed one teaspoon at a time to aid your cat recuperate from sickness.


Turmeric inhibits tumors and relieves congestion, defeats diseases, helps digestion, prevents arthritis and dysentery, protects the liver, gall bladder as well as the heart and fights internal parasites. It’s possible for you to feed it once per week, scattering it quite sparingly over meat. In case this is disliked by your cat, feed exactly the same number in warm milk.

Ginger acts as a disinfectant and has a heating effect. Offer a touch in warm milk. Garlic is antiprotozoan and a strong antibiotic. It certainly will make sure your cat remains healthy and kills microbs and other
parasites in the blood as well as in your cat’s systems. Grate a bit over meat daily (no more than half a teaspoon every day). In case your cat dislikes it, conceal it in cheese or honey.

Yoghurt, Yeast and Oils

Plain yoghurt is restorative and, in modest amounts, may be given many times weekly. Yeast is outstanding to advertise healing. Feed a little number every now and again. Sunflower, corn and sesame oils are excellent for the cat. Half a teaspoon may be provided with in meat many times per week.

Couchgrass and Kelp

Couchgrass features many minerals and trace elements and is a powerful internal cleanser your cat wants. It’ll most likely discover it on its own, in case your cat is an outside cat. For indoor cats provide three tines, a teaspoonful chopped weekly.

Kelp is rich in iodine and is a cleanser. The entire organism balances. Give 1/4 of a kelp pill disguised in powerful-smelling food per day.

Dried fruits

This might not be an apparent food for cats but one teaspoon of dried fruits could be fed twice weekly, chopped into small pieces and mixed with a bit of cream, oatmeal along with honey. It will be loved by most cat’s. Ensure that your cat drinks lots of water on these days as the fruits will soak up fluids in the gut.