Asbestos Abatement & Lead Removal

Everyone once in a while needs to cleanse their houses of the harmful substances and these harmful substances include Asbestos Abatement, lead removal, mold removal, and popcorn ceiling removal. Remember when such materials plagued your homes then it gets stress and messed up because you’ll now have to keep worrying about the health of yourself and your family. But don’t worry at all just call us we’ll remove these hazardous substances from your homes and make sure that you and your family remain safe.

Most of the time when you do construction in your home then the debris left behind will cause a lot of havoc and produce dangerous substances like asbestos and lead etc. They are needed to be removed instantly and urgently from the premises because if not then it can affect the health of you and your loved ones. There are laws made to protect us from these materials and we here at Bay Area Asbestos Removal operate according to them. We are a certified company and our technicians are California certified and trained.

Our Claims:

We are a local company named bay area asbestos removal, we help in asbestos abatement, lead removal, mold removal, and also popcorn ceiling removal. We try to do this as smoothly as we can and as quickly as we can so that all the worries and tensions of our client can be relieved and he can easily return to his house. We do this work professionally and in a friendly way. We also utilize our heavy artillery if needed i.e. we bring all our tools in the battle against these harmful substances. One of our tools is HEPA Vacuuming which promises to remove all debris from the area. Within our company, we don’t compromise on the quality of our work we promise that everything will be done perfectly and efficiently and at the end of our work when we test for results and if somehow there is some kind of lack in our work then we take full responsibility for it and then do your work for free the next time we do it.

  • Asbestos Removal:

Asbestos abatement is necessary and if not properly taken care of in time can give person suffering a lung cancer or worse. So, we at Bay Area Asbestos Removal can help you remove this threat before it affects anyone. Call us today.

  • Lead Removal:

Lead Abatement same as that of Asbestos abatement is necessary and mandatory, because if not taken care of properly in time then it will cause the central nervous system to break down and people can get into a comma.

  • Mold Removal:

Mold removal is also necessary and we as a multipurpose company can also take care of it. If not removed in time can cause a person to experience physical reactions that are dreadful.

  • Popcorn Ceiling:

Popcorn Ceiling is the root cause of all the problems and we recommend that you remove it as early as you can because it will not only store asbestos and lead in its which affects health in a tragic way but also is considered out of fashion now. So, go on with the flow remove it as early as you can.