Help your client decide to close the deal

It is common for homeowners to delay the time of sale of their home in the hope of achieving a higher price, while buyers for their part, wait until the market lowers their prices. However, we are in a field driven by low inventory and high competition. Honestly, no one knows when those changes will occur, which is why clients turn to their real estate agents for guidance in making the very personal decision of closing a deal.

Here are some ways you can help indecisive customers finally take the risk.

Share specific data with your clients

Knowledge is power and a good real estate agent should always be up to date on the latest updates that have occurred in the market and their statistics. Read all the possible information related to the increase in the value of the house, the fluctuations of the interest rate, the historical data of the property or the area where it is located and the market predictions. For example, informing your client about the increasing interest rates and how much money they could save if they buy now instead of waiting a couple of months, this information can be a good incentive to motivate them to make the decision. .

Even in an unpredictable market, hard data helps clarify the situation and allows customers to make an informed decision.

Know what your customer’s needs are

The most appropriate time for a client to sell their property depends a lot on their current situation. If it is a growing family then you will need to move as quickly as possible, but if we are talking about a high level vacation home owner we know that you can afford to wait a little longer until you find the ideal buyer . It is important that, as in any other sale, you make sure to talk in advance about the needs of your client, in this way you will ensure that the advice you provide will be adequate.

Let them know that trying to predict the market is (almost always) a missed move

Despite the good intentions you have when making positive predictions that favor and support the sale by university town the truth is that nobody really knows what will happen in the future. According to experts, the ideal time to buy a house at a low price and to sell it at a high price is simply a myth and waiting for it to happen only leads to unfair prices for the property. In any case, it is during the negotiation stage when you must go after the desired price.

Don’t push them

We know it can be tempting for agents to project their personal opinions and insights to clients, but don’t forget that your role is to encourage them, not pressure them, after all it’s about their home. A propertynews is a consultant who works according to the needs of the seller and should never put pressure on someone to sell their property