Ping Demand in Linux

how to ping a server

Ping Demand in Linux
The ping command the most utilized resources for troubleshooting, evaluating, and diagnosing circle connectivity problems.

Ping works by sending a number of ICMP (Internet controls information Protocol) Echo consult solutions to a specified destination internet protocol address regarding the community and waits for an answer. When the destination receives the plan, it will react straight back with an ICMP echo reply.

ping all command

Making use of the ping order, you’ll be able to see whether a remote resort IP is active or sedentary. There are also the round-trip wait in communicating with the destination and look whether there is a packet control.

The ping electric was a part of the iputils (or iputils-ping) bundle, which is pre-installed on almost all Linux distributions. ping can also be offered on windowpanes, macOS, and FreeBSD.

Strategies for the Ping Command
The syntax for all the ping command can be observe:

How to ping a server

The output shall have a look something such as this: that will be google ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=40.2 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=53 time=41.8 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=53 time=47.4 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=53 time=41.4 ms
— ping research —
4 packages carried, 4 gotten, 0% packet loss, times 7ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 40.163/42.700/47.408/2.790 ms
The ping command resolves the website name into an ip and initiate giving ICMP packages into the location IP. If the resort IP is actually reachable it will probably react back and the ping order designs a line which includes the subsequent sphere:

The amount of facts bytes. The default are 56, which means 64 ICMP data bytes – 64 bytes
The IP address in the destination – from (
The ICMP sequence number for each and every packet. icmp_seq=1
The amount of time to live on. – ttl=53 – how can TTL perform?
The ping time, assessed in milliseconds which is the trip that is round when it comes down to packet to get to the number, and for the response to go back to the transmitter. – time=41.4 ms
By standard, the interval between delivering a packet that is new one second.

The ping order shall continue to deliver ICMP solutions on the location ip until it obtains an interrupt. To prevent the demand, just strike the Ctrl+C trick mixing.

As soon as the command puts a stop to, it shows a statistic such as the portion of package loss. The packet reduction suggests the information is fallen someplace in the network, indicating an presssing issue within the network. If you have a packet loss, you are able to the traceroute order to recognize where in fact the packet control starts.

If ping doesn’t go back an answer, this means that the community correspondence just isn’t set up. When this occurs, it does not usually signify the destination internet protocol address just isn’t energetic. A firewall may be had by some hosts this is certainly preventing the ICMP traffic or ready not to respond to ping requests.

On victory, the ping command exits with code 0. Otherwise it will leave with signal 1 or 2. This might be helpful with all the ping energy in a layer program.

Inside the next areas, we’ll go on the mostly used command that is ping.

How To Ping Specified Port Number?

ping server cmd

Ping Order in Linux
The ping order the most utilized resources for troubleshooting, assessment, and identifying community connectivity issues.

Ping functions by delivering several ICMP (net regulation Message Protocol) Echo Request solutions to a specific destination IP on the community and waits for a reply. As soon as the destination gets the package, it shall reply straight back with an ICMP echo answer.

Because of the ping command, you’ll be able to determine whether a remote location IP is productive or inactive. You can also find the delay that is round-trip chatting with the destination and check whether you will find a packet loss.

ping network address

The ping electric are a right part from the iputils (or iputils-ping) package, and that is pre-installed on almost all Linux distributions. ping can be available on windowpanes, macOS, and FreeBSD.

How to ping a server
The syntax for all the ping demand is just as follows:

To most useful illustrate exactly how the ping demand operates let’s ping

The productivity shall check something such as this: this is certainly google ( 56(84) bytes of information.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=40.2 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=53 time=41.8 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=53 time=47.4 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=53 time=41.4 ms

4 boxes sent, 4 was given, 0% package reduction, opportunity 7ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 40.163/42.700/47.408/2.790 ms
The ping order resolves the domain name into an ip and initiate delivering ICMP solutions to your location IP. If the destination IP try reachable it’ll answer back and the ping command images a line which includes the next industries:

The sheer number of information bytes. The standard is actually 56, which results in 64 ICMP data bytes – 64 bytes
The ip in the location – from (
The ICMP series amounts for every single package. icmp_seq=1
The Time to reside. – ttl=53 – How does TTL perform?
The ping energy, measured in milliseconds which can be the trip that is round for any packet to get to the variety, and for the a reaction to return to the sender. – time=41.4 ms
By default, the interval between sending a packet that is new one 2nd.

The ping demand shall continue steadily to deliver ICMP packages for the location IP address until it obtains an interrupt. To get rid of the order, simply strike the Ctrl+C trick blend.

Once the command puts a stop to, it displays a statistic like the portion of package reduction. The packet loss means the data was dropped someplace in the network, indicating an issue inside the circle. When there is a packet reduction, you can make use of the traceroute order to identify the spot where the packet control happen.

If ping will not go back a reply, it means that the system telecommunications is not developed. When this happens, it does not always signify the destination IP is certainly not energetic. A firewall may be had by some hosts that is preventing the ICMP traffic or put not to respond to ping demands.

On triumph, the ping command exits with code 0. If not it shall exit with rule 1 or 2. This could be useful while using the ping utility in a layer script.

In the preceding areas, we’ll get within the most often made use of command that is ping.


Best SSL Certificat -UK

How much does close safety for your website indicate nowadays? Exactly enjoys it progressed? That is a great matter if you are considering updating your website; website protection has now been boosted with different programs and methods, and one of the most crucial demands an internet site . today demands is an SSL certificate. 

The uk ssl certificate generally alters their URL root – what was when http:// will come to be https://.  

But what does this lightweight but sign that is significant imply? So how exactly does it influence your website’s security and, furthermore, you may not require it?  

Listed here is the low-down on SSL certificates: What it is? 

If a customer would go to a web site and sees http:// on the site’s internet browser club, this means that it does not has an SSL certification.  

uk ssl certificate

This was quite acceptable, and we’d often see websites like this in the past. Now but, a HTTP that is simple connection now regarded as insecure. Simply because facts moved via HTTP is highly vulnerable, susceptible to getting interfered with, stolen, or misused. The fact is that your visitors have earned a site that won’t place their own information in danger.  

In the event that you put in an SSL certificate in your webpages, subsequently subscribers will immediately see https:// on the web browser pub, which indicates that there is an encrypted connection. In substance, this encoded connection indicates that the servers is correctly authenticated, and any data sent was covered during transit. 

The key benefits of an SSL certification: Build Confidence 

Have you ever tried to consult with web site and encountered the warning phrase ‘maybe not safe’, did this put you removed from heading any more? In the same way, any visitor to your internet website who encounters these a phrase is wary of discovering your site more.  

Then an SSL certificate is a brilliant way to do so if you don’t want to lose site traffic and you would like to establish trust from the beginning with your visitors. 

Increase Internet Site Performance 

Reduce sites include something of history nowadays, and a loading that is slow could be a real detriment to your internet website site visitors together with retention of website visitors. The fact that you will need an encrypted connection to have quickly speeds and various security features is more than enough evidence of their definite positive aspect. 

Enrich Websites Position 

For yahoo, SSL certificates is a significant element once you are looking at a site’s positioning, and Google prioritises website that have a safe HTTPS connection. You should seriously consider encrypting every website page if you aim to go further than your competition in Google’s search rankings. 

Greater Validation for your Business 

This might be lined up with creating trust. Then an HTTPS connection is vital if you want your enterprise to be seen as stable and secure and you want to encourage the development of crucial business relationships online. An SSL certificate will confirm the credibility of the website – and your business – which boosts customers’ confidence. 

SSL certificates are simply just among the many many factors outside of appearance which can impact the way everyone reply to your site. So make sure you discover a web fashion designer who’ll furthermore give you advice on everything that can impact their site’s efficiency.  



ssl certificate

How much does security that is good their website mean nowadays? Just how provides it advanced? This can be a great question if you are considering updating your site; website safety has now started enhanced with various systems and systems, and something really essential requisite a webpage today needs is actually an SSL certificate. 

The uk ssl certificate essentially changes your URL root – that was when http:// will become https://.  

Exactly what does this tiny but sign that is significant suggest? How can it hurt your website’s safety and, even more important, you don’t want it?  

uk ssl certificate

Here is the low-down on SSL certificates: What it is? 

This means that it doesn’t have an SSL certificate if a visitor goes to a website and sees http:// on the website’s browser bar.  

 This was quite acceptable, and we’d often see websites like this in the past. Today but, a simple HTTP hookup was today seen as insecure. The reason being ideas directed via HTTP tends to be very prone, susceptible to getting interfered with, taken, or misused. The reality is that these potential customers deserve a website that will not place their unique details at risk.  

 Should you install an SSL certification on your own site, then tourist will immediately see https:// on the browser bar, which suggests that there is an encrypted connection. In substance, this encrypted hookup reveals that your own servers is actually properly authenticated, and any data carried try safeguarded during transportation. 

The advantages of an SSL certificate: 

Establish Depend On  You off from going any further if you have ever attempted to visit a website and encountered the warning phrase ‘Not secure’, did this put? Any visitor to your site who encounters such a phrase may be wary of exploring your website more in the same way.  

Then an SSL certificate is a brilliant way to do so if you don’t want to lose site traffic and you would like to establish trust from the beginning with your visitors. 

Enhance Site Overall Performance 

Slow down sites include a thing of the past nowadays, and a slow running site is generally a proper detriment to your internet site site visitors in addition to storage of site visitors. The fact that you may need an encrypted connection to have quickly accelerate and differing security features is more than enough proof of the certain benefit. 

Augment Internet Site Positioning 

For yahoo, SSL certification is a significant aspect when you are looking at a site’s ranking, and yahoo prioritises web pages having a safe HTTPS hookup. You should seriously consider encrypting every website page if you aim to go further than your competition in Google’s search rankings. 

Better Validation for your Business 

This is in line with creating trust. If you would like your company to be noticed as steady and secure and you need enable the development of crucial companies relationships online, then an HTTPS link is vital. An SSL certification will confirm the authenticity of their website – and your business – which boosts customers’ depend on. 

SSL certificates are simply one of many considerations that are many of looks that can impact the way everyone reply to your site. So be sure to pick a web site designer who’ll also give you advice on everything that make a difference their site’s overall performance.  


Top 3 types of beard trimmers

beard trimmer

BaByliss For Men – E837E – 10 in 1 multi-purpose mower

Professional wtech blades: innovative blade geometry for better hair capture; 32 mm stainless steel body; 3d sharpening via wahl beard trimmer

Precision blade 7 mm to perfect details and stylize the beard / precision 0.5 mm

Two haircut and beard guides: 2-14 mm and 3-15 mm, one precision guide: six positions from 0.5 mm to 3 mm

wahl beard trimmer

Hatteker Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Man Hair Trimmer Nose-Ears Electric Shaving man with beard razor Waterproof 5 in 1 Trimmer For Cutting Beard Body lash Nose Hair

【5 in 1 design multifunctional grooming kit】 Precision shaving system design, including beard trimmer / hair clipper, body hair 4 combs (3/6/9 / 12mm) for haircutting, 8 adjustable combs ( 1/2/4/6/8/10/12/14 / 16mm) for a precision trimmer and 4 adjustable combs (3/4/5 / 6mm) for a full size hair clipper, making your body hairs comply with all conditions

【Fixed and movable blades work together】 Fixed and movable stainless steel blades with precision spacing, deep close to the skin, larger in size and reduced friction heat, do not produce burns at high temperature

【Lithium Ion battery & powerful and durable motor】 Long-lasting and powerful rechargeable batteries with an operating time of up to 1 hour after only 90 minutes of charging It is a mower of excellent performance and quiet

ADOKEY Beard Trimmer for Men, 10 in 1 Professional Hair Trimmer Men Cordless Electric Hair Trimmer for Body Hair Ear Nose, Rechargeable Waterproof Beard Trimmer

【10 in 1 Multifunction Trimmer】 ADOKEY 10 in 1 trimmer kit includes precision trimmer, beard trimmer, hair trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, body trimmer. 1 adjustable comb (1/2/3 / 4mm) and 4 comb guides (3/6/9 / 12mm) to cut the beard and hair. The all-in-one trimmer kit with five functions in one unit, for all your needs. In addition, this trimmer also with a beard comb, charging cable with EU plug, rechargeable base, cleaning brush, oil.

【Sharp and Safe Steel Blades】 This trimmer has sharp, durable blades for cutting beards, hair and body hair. Double vertical and mobile blade, close to the skin, precise cut and reduced friction heat, without unpleasant traction, and does not cause burns at high temperature on the skin. Comfortable and easy to use. Meanwhile, normal speed provides a fast and efficient cut with great power, allowing you to get the perfect fit.

【Rechargeable Lithium Battery】 This electric mower equipped with lithium battery and rechargeable base, supports 90 minutes of wireless use after 2 hours of full charge. The male clipper can use wired or wireless, convenient use. LED screen can indicate the battery capacity during use and charging, to avoid use when the power is low and overcharging. Please note: charge fully before first use.

Is it a beard and hair trimmer or just for the beard? This mower can also be used for the body so think about this before making your choice.

How much are you willing to pay for your new mower? Note that all prices are between 15 and 300 € depending on the quality and available functions. If you have almost daily use, it is important to invest in a good quality mower.



Fan of clothes, fan of vintage motorcycles … when Mr. Cam offered us an article of advice to dress on a motorcycle without looking like Goldorak while being protected, we necessarily said yes. So welcome Mr. Cam to the BonneGueule contributor community.

Ah the joys of two-wheelers … The freedom to roll your hair in the wind without the vagaries of traffic … Escape for a moment from the world around us. Who has never dreamed of it?


Whether it’s with a small Vespa in Dolce Vita mode to go to a restaurant with her sweetheart on a summer evening, take a trip with friends for a whole day on the country roads just for fun, or just save time to go to work, everyone can find their account.

The imaginary “biker” still has a bright future ahead of it. HOW TO RIDE VINTAGE AND PROTECTED ON TWO WHEELS?


Personally and alongside my interest in vintage vehicles, I have always been attracted to the world of two-wheelers but I found it too restrictive.

The license stories, the equipment to buy, the fear of theft, the not always ideal climate, the price of the bikes… etc etc etc.


From a purely rational point of view, the reasons for giving up are endless and it is really a headache to find the balance pleasure-constraint. But that was before.


Before I was touched by the wave of neo-retro motorcycles with their look directly inspired by the 70’s and their efficient and reliable mechanics such as the Triumph Bonneville, Ducati Scrambler, Moto Guzzi, Indian among others. (Even Honda or kawasaki s ‘put it!)


Then, it was necessary that the big brands leave the interesting stuff (jackets, shirts, shoes …), which protects effectively – and with a vintage look – to finish convincing me.

The equipment manufacturers were able to meet expectations with attractive, versatile, discreet and technical offers, while bringing style.


Behind this subject, we find everything that attracts us in traditional clothing: historic brands and their know-how, new technical products at the forefront of trends, quality and legitimate vintage, product complexity, versatility, looks inspired by the 60’s / 70’s… everything in reality overlaps around the same criteria.


The universe of two-wheelers is not limited (or more only) to the guy in a bearded and paunchy Harley with the Johnny t-shirt or the Bip Bip Coyotte and his Suzuki GSXR which rises to 300.


But in the same way that there are lambda jeans and jeans in Selvedge canvas, there are biker and biker. Between Kevin 24 years fan of Kawazaki ZZR1000 Racing in full red leather suit, Francis 49 years, the dentist who plays “rebel without a cause” the weekend in Harley at 20,000 euros, Julien 30 years who tries to ride a Cafe Racer still broken down and Thierry, 39, who rides a Triumph Bonneville without thinking… there is everything.


Top 5 best selling beard trimmers in France

wahl trimmer
  • One For All-Purpose Multifunction: Five accessories for all your styling, shaving, and hair removal needs, including long hair, beard, precision, body hair, nose and ear hair trimmers with an adjustable shoe for beards (3/4/5 / 6mm), an adjustable shoe for hair (1/2/4/6/8/10/12/14 / 16mm) and four removable shoes for hair (3/6 / 9 / 12mm), for cutting hair, shaving, removing hair from your body
  • SHARP STEEL BLADES: This will give you precision mowing to perform all styles, even drawing patterns on the surface of your skull. These super sharp stainless steel blades will allow you to cut thick and light hair without any skin irritation for a long time
  • USB wahl beard trimmer & MAXIMUM POWER: You can charge your mower anywhere and anytime. 90 minute charge will allow you to operate for one hour

wahl beard trimmer

n your opinion, which is the best-selling beard trimmer in France? I have the answer and I give it to In you in this article. Based on Amazon’s bestsellers, below are the Top 10 beard trimmers sold in France. All this for what ? Quite simply to help you make the right choice if you are in the process of buying a beard trimmer.

It is always important to know the best, best-selling and best-rated products. These are criteria that automatically enter into your decision whether or not to buy a beard trimmer or any other product found on the internet. And you, which beard trimmer are you going to buy?

Philips QP2520 / 30 OneBlade with spare blade + 3 beard combs

  • OneBlade to trim, define the contours and shave your beard, even long. Replacement head: QP210, QP220, QP610, QP620
  • Unique OneBlade electrical technology: efficiency without irritation or cuts. Maximum consumption: 2 W
  • 60 minutes of autonomy for 8 hours of charge

Remington MB4045 Beard Kit Shaving Set, Beard Trimmer, Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades, Adjustable Clogs, Lithium Battery

  • Self-sharpening blades with Titanium coating Retractable mower for precise cutting
  • Adjusting wheel (9 heights) XL adjustable cutting guide (20 to 35mm), short adjustable cutting guide (1 5 to 18 mm), 3-day beard cutting guide (0.5 to 5 mm)
  • Lithium battery, wireless use, autonomy: up to 120 min (full charge: 4 hours) Charge indicator

Philips MG5740 / 15 – Multigroom – Series 5000 12-in-1 Multi-style Mower

  • 12 in 1 multifunctional trimmer (beard, nose-ear, hair, body functions)
  • 2 beard shoes (1, 2 mm), 1 adjustable beard shoe (3-7 mm), 3 hair shoes (9, 12, 16 mm) and 2 body shoes (3, 5 mm).
  • DualCut technology, for maximum precision with 2 times more blades
  • Philips MG1100 / 16 Series 1000 multi-style trimmer with 3 precision shoes
  • Sharpened blades for flawless contours with DualCut technology. Cleaning: Fully washable
  • 3 precision clogs to evenly trim your beard
  • Precision razor to achieve perfect contours

NAVANINO Hair Trimmer, 5 in 1 Household Hair Trimmer Set with Professional Hair Trimmer Beard Trimmer Precision Head, Nose Trimmer and Razor

【Multiple accessories】 To meet more household demands, this set includes more complete accessories, such as 5 interchangeable heads, 6 cutting combs, 1 comb, 1 oil and 1 storage base

【5 Heads interchangeable heads】 This trimmer kit includes a total of 5 heads including a normal trimmer / a beard trimmer / a precision trimmer / / a nose trimmer and a razor. Each head uses high quality steel, sharp but not rusty. The precision trimmer can even help you draw cool lines on the head

【6 cutting comb】 1 cutting comb corresponds to the beard cutter which allows the user to choose a different length 2/4/6 / 8mm, the large cutting comb corresponds to the body of the edger and allows to adjust the length 13/15/17/19 / 21mm; to answer more requests, we also configure 4 other combs so that the user can choose 3/6/9 / 12mm


Official title of real estate agent: Is it necessary?

“It takes more knowledge to sell lettuce than to sell flats.” “To handle food you need a card, but to sell flats, no.” These and other statements are common in the press since the profession was liberalized in 2000 to (in theory) help boost the market. The result? Today it is not necessary to be in possession of the official title of real estate agent to practice as a professional in this sector.

There are many people who think that by becoming autonomous and setting up a real estate web page  like Blue World City well positioned in Google to attract customers will be enough, but really even if the title is not needed, you will need many other knowledge that today are necessary to work as an agent real estate

What do you have to study to be a real estate agent?

As we have commented on other occasions, it is not necessary that you apply for any real estate agent license, only that you prepare thoroughly to be a real estate agent in Spain.

Making a little history, in Royal Decree 4/2000, of June 23, on Urgent Liberalization Measures in the Real Estate and Transportation Sector, it was stated:

«The activities listed in Article 1 of Decree 3248/1969, of December 4, which approves the Regulations of the Official Associations of Real Estate Agents and their General Meeting, may be freely exercised without needing to be in possession of any title or membership in any official College. ”

Thus, in today’s post we intend to explain how the professional is worthy of a real estate agent title without it being necessary to obtain it to practice.

Official title of real estate agent, yes or no?

As we have commented on other occasions, it is not necessary to obtain an official title of real estate agent to practice in this profession, except for some requirements by autonomous communities, such as Catalonia . Moreover, many of the most successful professionals in our sector do not have it.

For what is this? It is true that in order to progress in this work certain technical knowledge is needed, such as current legislation or taxation derived from the sale of real estate.

However, this technical knowledge can be acquired outside of regulated environments, through courses for real estate agents or specialized masters.

That said, you do not need to be a lawyer to have basic knowledge of laws, although they are necessary to practice as one of the requirements to be a real estate agent in Spain .

What knowledge is most useful

There are professions and studies that help make a real estate professional’s job easier.

This is the case of those who have careers related to psychology, communication and business.

Although it cannot be generalized, these professionals have studied in their respective universities how to interact with other people, with subjects such as sociology, anthropology or marketing.

This knowledge is adequate to work in the real estate sector because they help you interact with other people, understanding the decision-making mechanisms, for example:

  1. Consumer psychology

Are you a psychologist !! Congratulations!! You are in a privileged situation to be able to work as an autonomous real estate agent .

You will know firsthand how people’s minds work, and what mechanisms govern their behavior.

For example, in the last course of real estate agent that we have attended in Inmogesco, we have heard about behaviorism, a stream of modern psychology that tells us how the behavior learned greatly determines what we do.

If you are a psychologist or have received training in this field, it will be easier for you to understand how to perceive and change wrong or misguided behavior in the person you are dealing with.

  1. Marketing, be on the right side

Have you studied marketing or received training in this sector? How lucky you are! As experts in real estate marketing strategies we know that no serious business can succeed without a good dose of this discipline.

How to promote a product, highlight the characteristics of your business against the competition or how to develop a real estate marketing plan , are some of the things you will know if you want to have the knowledge that was previously required to obtain the title of property agent real estate This knowledge is easily applicable to any real estate business.

If you have not studied marketing, nothing happens. There are other ways of acquiring the knowledge that will allow you to know what is necessary to take a business with a firm hand.

  1. Finance, numbers are everything

If you have been lucky enough to study economics or business, you can also quietly dedicate yourself to the real estate business.

Professionals who possess this knowledge are fortunate to know the world of finance inside, allowing them to be familiar with excel sheets, balance sheets and margins.

Is it possible to work in the sector and not know anything about numbers? Everything is possible, but it will cost you less and you will be a better professional if you have knowledge in this field.

  1. Right, closer to the law

Finally, if you have had the opportunity to study and practice as a lawyer, it will be easier for you to deal with contracts, legal aspects and requirements.

The real estate market, like many other business sectors, is governed by regulatory laws. We cannot do what we want and the repercussions of bad practices in the sector can lead to serious consequences.

That is why it is necessary to know in depth the law and what obliges those who are involved in an operation.

If you have studied law, it will be easier for you to be aware of land law or horizontal property, so that part of your job as a real estate professional is covered.

Where to acquire knowledge of the title of real estate agent?

Regardless of whether or not you have studied any of these careers, you need to have that knowledge. Where to buy them?

In our section of real estate courses you have a wide selection of the training offer of the sector.

In it you will find the main academies, centers and organizations that offer training for those who wish to become part of the real estate business.

In addition to these “structured” studies you can choose to learn on your own. For this, it is convenient that you design a plan of the knowledge that you consider your profile is missing.

Our real estate blog on Sky Marketing Islamabad can serve as a good starting point. We have been blogging for years on issues related to the daily life of real estate agents, such as rentals, real estate marketing, legal and many more.

This important source of knowledge is available to you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so you can consult and learn from it.



A reinforced denim motorcycle jacket at SpidiThe Italian Spidi has just launched a motorcycle and scooter jacket with a 100% jean look. The Denim garment nevertheless incorporates everything necessary for the comfort and safety of the pilot. Starting with CE approved protections, a waterproof inner lining and Flex Tenax joints. It is sold 189.90 ??.

SpidiThe equipment manufacturer Spidi offers in its 2013 collection a new A REINFORCED DENIM MOTORCYCLE JACKET AT SPIDIwith a discreet look. And for good reason, he abandoned the classic textiles and leathers in favor of jeans, as we have already seen with the pants Dainese D1 or Sartso Killer . However, the garment does not neglect safety: it benefits from the same approved protections as the rest of the range.

The Spidi Furious jacket is made with cotton Denim fabric (13 Oz), 3 times more resistant than a classic Denim thanks to the addition of Polyester fibers in the cotton weaving process. A technique used for Cordura . For the comfort of the wearer, it uses high-tech materials like Flex Tenax , used at the joints of the arms to facilitate movements …

Under its 100% jean look, the Spidi Furious is a good motorcycle jacket

Under its Streetwear look reinforced by a waisted (adjustable) waist and yellow stitching, the denim jacket is equipped like any self-respecting motorcycle jacket : waterproof and breathable inner lining, 4 exterior pockets and CE Multitech protections on the shoulders and elbows. It can finally accommodate a back protector, a climate membrane and be connected to motorcycle pants .


Denim jacket requires, Spidi offers his Furious only in blue . It is available in a wide choice of sizes (from S to 3XL), for an average weight of 1.4 kg. To purchase it, go to one of the points of sale of the Spidi network with € 189.90 in your pocket . It is the price of Italian excellence, and the assurance of combining a trendy look and optimal safety on 2 wheels!



More versatile than the jacket, the Moto Jacket is often lighter, longer than the jacket and can be worn in various ways. Worn alone over a T-shirt or under the jacket for certain models during the coolest outings, the Moto Jacket complements the jacket without replacing it. Our selection offers a wide choice of jackets, shirts, from the most chic to the most sporty or even casual, in long or cut sleeves, in denim, cotton or leather, but above all they all provide additional protection to the biker than simple jackets do could offer. Anti-abrasion lining in Aramid, Kevlar and other technical textiles, some models of Motorcycle Jacket & Shirt can even accommodate protective shells.



To ride a motorcycle safely, Hevik offers a denim jacket for men the Londra as well as a denim jacket for women the Giulia.

The Londra, this men’s denim motorcycle jacket is made of denim treated with a faded effect and can be adjusted at the waist with strap and snap closure. It has stretch fabric inserts, an inner lining, protections on the shoulders and elbows (predisposed to receive a back protector), reflective inserts on the back, a central zip and 2 upper pockets with buttons.