Where to include the keywords for real estate and how to choose the words related to real estate?-

Do you know where to include the keywords for real estate for example house for sale in Rawalpindi or house for rent in Islamabad and how to choose the words related to real estate? We want the efforts you invest in the positioning of your website to result in the top positions of Google. That is why a few weeks ago we explained some notions of how to improve the real estate seo  so that you go making your first steps on the subject.

Today we want to move forward a little more and that you know one of the topics that can bring more joy to your real estate marketing strategy.

 How does Google work?

As we have said on several occasions, 90% of online experiences begin in a search engine. Google’s way of determining if a page of a  real estate website such as Faisal Hills website  is the answer to the search you do, is complex, depends on several factors and not all are known.

The only certainty regarding the algorithm that determines the position in the Google ranking is the SEO rating of each website. Therefore, when you consider a real estate marketing strategy you must carry out a real estate keyword study that determines what your website’s SEO is like and what strategy you will follow to improve it.

Where to include the keywords for real estate ?

One of the Seo strategies that offers the best results is the positioning of keywords for real estate. These words can and should be present on several sites on your website:

·         Domain

Although there is some controversy around this topic among SEO professionals, it still has some influence for Google that a domain that contains a relevant keyword for your sector (such as real estate). Although from the search engine they remind us that quality content is essential to position, the reality is that domains with appropriate keywords are more interesting from the SEO point of view. What is your opinion?

·         Body text

Another of the sites to which Google is going to search for keywords is the texts of your website. But beware, filling out those keyword texts is no guarantee that the search engine will love you. Moreover, you could run the risk of being penalized, because first of all the Silicon Valley boys give priority to naturalness in writing.

·         Real estate words in post titles

If your real estate website has a blog, you should keep in mind that the titles of the articles you write regularly must contain the keywords you want to position.

Our tricks is to use derivatives, since it is also not recommended to continuously repeat the same keyword. In the coming months we will teach you how to look for these derived words.

·         Images

The images on your website have several aspects that you should take care of. The title and the alt attribute are the two sites where the keywords for real estate should appear.

·         Page title

The tireless spiders of Google also check the URLs of the pages. Make sure the keyword corresponding to that page appears on it. In addition, it is considered to be short to facilitate indexing. Do not forget!

How to choose the words related to real estate?

Now that you know the importance of good keyword planning for your real estate business, you need to choose the most appropriate real estate related words. An error in this regard can cost you a lot of time and money. Can you imagine having to redo all the texts of your website, blog and social networks to change a badly chosen keyword?

So that does not happen, use the tool “Google Adwords Keyword Planner” provided by Google. With it you can know the number of searches related to your business that are carried out per month and analyze trends for the future.

The Keyword Planner is a very powerful tool with many features, so we recommend that you start slowly, consolidating the first steps to get to know the application better. In this video you will find a summary of how it works so you can start using it today.

And do not forget to apply this strategy in all your online actions, also in real estate email marketing , everything is useful for Google to find your business.