Wholesale Manufacturers of Custom Boxes and Packings

Duke Design & Packaging Specialists provide us Wholesale Custom Product Boxes and along with this free delivery at our doorsteps. They claim that all their products are made with non-toxic material and are biodegradable. We use 100% Eco-friendly stock in our products because we love mother nature. All our consultation charges are free, we don’t charge for samples, we don’t charge for custom designs, we don’t charge for any service from our valued clients. We first make sure that the right design is made and then after verifying and approving the design from the client we then start to work. We never miss our deadlines. We here in this company only believe in word and quality i.e. the time on which the delivery be sent to our client, no matter what happens, we fulfill our promise and the other thing is we never compromise on the quality. We offer prices along with the products that will last impression on the customer. We offer everything exquisite.

Duke Packing provides Wholesome Custom Product Boxes whether they need them in the short run or long run. We provide free delivery for boxes over 100 and our delivery service is for all the USA states and Canada. As we use a high-tech equipment which is all automated so it saves us a lot of money and what we do is to send some of our profit towards the client in this way he feels not only happy and joyous but also provide us with more clients.

Our customer service is the best, because of their years of experience they know how to handle someone and deal with them i.e. make them happy. When you call us our visit our site, and ask a question or you have something to offer or you want to make an order according to your terms and details then don’t you worry our customer service will handle everything. If you want to see some of our designs or want us to make some for you according to your requirements then we’ll be happy to help you with anything you want.

Free Delivery Service:

Our delivery service is no ordinary service, we offer one of the world’s fastest delivery service. We gave a time duration of 6-7 business days i.e. from the departure of the shipment to the arrival and all our products are Wholesale Custom Product Boxes. We can make any sort of boxes i.e. rounded, grooved, brick-like, etc. with features like Spot UV, Glossy/Matte finish etc. We do all that and much other and still going to make your delivery on time. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, no day is a rest day for us, because we know that if we take a vacation of some sort then that will only put damage to our business and our client’s business. We have spare machines installed just in case some machine broke down, we don’t have to wait for it to be fixed, we can simply just shift towards that of the other machine and continue our work.